There are no second thoughts that 2020 has been the most pivotal year that this century has witnessed so far. It has brought an evolution in almost every sector and thus in marketing too. 

With the lockdown, most offline business setups have embraced digital marketing, and we are noticing the growth of many digital marketing trends. The online market is expanding its landscape, and more marketers and businesses are shifting towards online marketing. Let’s have a peek into the growth so far and the future trends of digital marketing in 2021 

The Growth So Far 

It is no secret that Digital marketing has gained massive popularity in the past decade. But did you know that we had already crossed over 8000 Martech solutions in 2020? According to ChiefMarTec’s data, That marks an astounding 5223% growth in the past ten years, with a 13.6% growth in 2021 alone. 

There has been significant growth in data collection and analysis tools and digital applications for workflow and social relationships.  

As a result of the increased supply of solutions, it may appear that digital marketing services are becoming more and more cost-effective. However, that is partially true. With increased AR/VR applications and 3D tools, the digital sector may require high resource expenditure. 

The Future Of AI In Marketing 

In 2020, there has been a 154% growth in the use of AI software. It is yet difficult to determine the future of AI precisely, but once the legal and financial challenges are resolved, we can expect a boom in the use of AI in marketing. 

It is a misconception that AI will eliminate the requirement of human personnel in marketing, which is far from true. A successful automated marketing strategy relies on specialists who are experienced in digital marketing and are well versed in optimizing customer journeys. 

Search Engine Marketing 

AI is yet under perfection. Let us have a look at the present-day solutions that digital marketers are already using. With the introduction of smart speakers, consumers are now searching for immediate answers to specific questions. Hence, more and more marketers are focusing on Ad campaigns to grab Google’s ‘position 0’, which is the snippet that appears before organic search results. 

The benefits of SEM are plenty, but they do come with a price. Even the best online advertising strategies aren’t immune to ad blockers which can cause financial drains. Thus marketers should also focus on organic searches and maintain a balance between SEM and SEO. 

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