Social media has drastically changed our posting habits in many ways. We don’t use to be active on social media like we were before. Today every social media platform is telling us how helpless we are in this pandemic. You take any social media platform, be it Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc., and when you start, it just shows your post, reels, feed, hashtags related to Covid-19 pandemic effects. Someone is dying due to a shortage of oxygen, and people can’t find hospital beds, patients are not satisfied with the treatment in hospitals, vaccine shortage, discovering new infections, etc. These are the things we see in day-to-day social media feeds. 

Surrounding these situations, people often choose a social media detox like keeping away from social media accounts for some times or being inactive. Posting a pic of parting or enjoying any dinner somewhere might be inappropriate in concern of today’s scenario. And it is perfectly fine if you are taking a break from your social media accounts for a while. Suppose you think that those feeds, stories, and uploads make you feel helpless or disturb your mental health, sort of thing. Then it’s OK to be inactive or stop using it for a while. 

Previously, people keep posts of their birthday parties, get together in the evening, go out for walks, spend quality time with their spouse or family, holidays posts, weddings, pre-weddings, and whatnot. Today people are dying every single minute due to Covid-19 infection. And everywhere, there is grief and sorrows of people who have lost their near and dear ones. 


For people who are not feeling active or post regularly on their social media accounts during the ongoing pandemic, it’s good to detox social media until you wish. Pandemic has changed our lives in almost every way. From not going out too much often to taking online education classes. We must take this pandemic seriously and keep ourselves and our family safe by following the guidelines and taking precautions


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