The covid-19 pandemic has spared no one. Not even celebrities. Malaika Arora suffered from COVID-19 last year. According to the actress, the path to recovery was “not easy”. Malaika is all about being fit and is very popular in that domain. Because of that reputation people have this misconception that recovering from COVID-19 would be a piece of cake for the actress. Malaika revealed that recovering from COVID-19 was very difficult for her. She got affected by COVID-19 on the 5th of September and tested negative three weeks later. 

According to her Instagram post, she says that if anyone who feels recovering from COVID-19 is a cakewalk then either they are blessed with a strong immune system or they have no awareness about the struggles of recovering from COVID-19 . The actress adds, “Having gone through it myself, ‘Easy’ is not the word I’d choose. It broke me physically. Walking two steps felt like a Herculean task”. 

Malaika also reveals that sitting up, getting out of bed and simply standing in her window felt tough. She lost weight, felt weak and lost her stamina. She was also away from her family. Fortunately, Malaika tested negative on the 26th of September. However, the weakness stayed. She opens up about the fact that she felt disappointed that her body was not supporting how her mind felt. She was worried that she would never get back her strength. She was afraid that she would not be able to even complete one activity in twenty four hours. 

Malaika says” My first workout was brutal. I couldn’t do anything well. I felt broken. But day 2,I got back up and I told myself, I am my own maker. And then day 3,day 4,day 5 and so on”. Through her strong will and invincible determination she was able to get back to her normal life after 32 weeks. She is now strong both physically and mentally.


We can clearly see that recovering from COVID-19 and going back to your normal life is a tough task. Even those who have a history of being physically active are suffering. It is hence very important to have a positive mindset in these tough times. Taking precautions and staying at home is frustrating. That is true but going through COVID-19 , experiencing immense weakness is not something delightful. If you have gone through COVID-19 , stay consistent in your exercise routine. It will greatly help you in recovering.


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