The covid-19 situation has taken a toll worldwide, but in recent events, a high spike of cases in India has left all of us concerned about the future challenges, seeming like a never-ending crisis. 


The rising concerns of Covid led Dr. Poonam Khetrapal Singh, a regional director of the World Health Organisation in South East Asia, to spread a caution, “People to get the shots at the first available opportunity.” In a way, it’s terrific to think of the virus.


He exclaimed; the surge observed is a lesson learned, not to put our guards down though we cannot predict; prevention is a concern.


On the other end, health services during this pandemic time couldn’t get any less burdened. A rise in the graph is, of course, going to reach a decline in no time, but the concerns of covid persist.


The Union Health Ministry added that in the last 24 hours, the decline of covid cases. WHO collected new 1,65,553 records of new cases. The statistics being the lowest record in the timeline of the covid, where a single day had a total of 3460 cases of death. With an overall end of 3,25,972 people, a steep decline in the positive rate to 9.36 percent on Sunday.


It’s true that at every peak point, a decline is obvious to witness. At the same time, it is also scary to have a foreseen insight about the coming days to which the vaccine is the only hope to face the virus. Moreover, in the present scenario, every piece of research can yield a valuable amount of information at this point. If there has been a medicine for all the viruses so far, this has a definite solution too!


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