If you recovered from COVID, Congratulations! 

But remember, even though the virus does not longer exist in your body, you still need to be careful about what you do post recovery, especially your diet.

Here are listed a few Indian healthy breakfasts with their benefits for recovered Covid patients that may boost your immune system and help you to get back on track faster. 


Even though there is misconception about eating eggs daily, consuming eggs regularly acts as an antidote for your immunity. From shell to core, they are loaded with plenty of nutrients which are good for the purpose of healing the body.

Also to add, it contains plenty of Vitamin-B that help the body convert food into fuel and provides nourishing energy. You can cook them anyway.


Sprouts contain a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals like iron, copper, manganese and potassium which help boost the making of RBCs in the body, promote blood flow and most importantly, supply oxygenated blood to vital organs of the body.

In the same manner, germination of seeds and pulses is known to advance the level of Vitamin C and antioxidant profiles which help WBCs and support the immune system, warding off risks of illnesses and infections. You should definitely have them after the recovery.


A bowl of upma contains vitamins, fiber and healthy fats. It is found to be low in cholesterol and calories which makes it a healthy meal and helps you have a balanced diet.  Upma is prepared using semolina and that’s loaded with iron. Iron is an essential mineral for our body and consuming upma is a great way of fueling your body with the mineral. 

Upma contains healthy vegetables which means a lot of fiber and this helps you stay active all day. Adding upma for breakfast post recovery would keep you energetic all day.


In India, most people prefer eating poha in their breakfast. Along with its good taste, it is rich in various nutrients that make it a healthier option. Its high iron content is a key to maintaining levels of haemoglobin and RBC count. It also holds high carb content.

Poha is fortified with Vitamin B during production. These vitamins form an essential part in providing energy and maintaining brain health.


You can also add dhokla as a breakfast in your recovery days. It is a popular Gujrati dish but it is widely popular all over India. It is counted as one of the healthiest meals because of its high nutritional value and also the low-calorie count. Having dhokla in your breakfast keeps you energetic for the entire day as it is high in carbs, protein and fiber that are the biggest sources of energy.



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