Stress can cause you to feel sad, anxious, or helpless. It can also increase your heart rate, blood pressure, tension and affect your immune system. But, a pleasing environment can reverse that. Nature has its healing power. Staying connected with nature can reduce your stress and improve your mental health. When you connect with nature, everything that you experience, hear, and see has a direct impact on your mood. According to the different studies and surveys conducted by health, institutes discloses that nature connectedness and the self-nature connection are certainly related to general satisfaction, well-being, and happiness in life.

You can relieve your stress and improve your mental health by:

  • Making a bond with nature
  • Gardening
  • Walking barefoot
  • Keeping indoor
  • Talking to your plan and watering them
  • Listening to nature sounds such as sea waves, wind blowing, flowing river, and bird chirping
  • Taking deep breaths in your garden
  • Lie on the green grass
  • Playing in garden
  • Soaking morning or evening sunlight
  • Keeping your windows open for fresh air
  • Playing with pets in the garden
  • Sitting on the floor and using your hands to enjoy a meal
  • Using earthen pots and utensils
  • Doing some exercises or yoga in garden or park
  • Go for a morning and evening walk
  • Playing with soil

Spending half an hour with nature can help you to improve your mood, relieve anxiety and stress, and increase your feelings of wellbeing and happiness.   Walking 10-15 minutes barefoot can reduce your blood pressure and make you feel relaxed.  Spending time in a garden or park allows you to reduce your cortisol levels, boost mental clarity, and develop mindfulness.


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