Running is a practical and straightforward activity that puts your entire body part at work. It doesn’t just exercise your legs but also the overall muscles of the body. Many individuals choose jogging or running over heavy workouts in Gym. Do you listen to music while doing any physical activity? If not, you must try for better results. Sometimes people skip running due to their unstable mental conditions. At that time, you can take the help of music because music is practical and helpful in combating mental fatigue to make you energised again and feel refreshed. If you are mentally exhausted, you may not get a better result from running or jogging. This situation can affect the performance of athletes. Listening to your favourite music is the simple solution to reduce mental fatigue and boost performance while running. According to a new study, listening to music while jogging or running may be helpful to minimise mental weakness. It can also help people improve their performance when they experience mentally fatigued. In the journal of Human Sport and Exercise, you can read this study and understand how music decreases mental fatigue and relieves stress to enhance physical performance and endurance. 

Scientists from the University Of Edinburgh conducted two tests to find how music affects the performance of eighteen fitness experts. In the first test, fitness experts were tested without music. They analysed between lower intensity jogging and high intensity running with a team of nine fitness experts and the other on a five KM time-trial with nine experts. The experts went through a thirty-minute cognitive test that put them in mental fatigue before finishing high-intensity activity. In the second test, fitness experts were allowed to listen to their favorite song. Scientists measured the heart rates and found that fitness experts performed well with their favorite music.

Scientists believe that anyone can maintain their mental state and improve their workout performance with self-chosen motivational music. Motivational music can help you to change your mood and boost your energy and confidence level.

It can be concluded that music can be a useful option to fight mental conditions. If you are mentally tired, you must consider music therapy to regain endurance and concentration.  


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