Confused regarding how to start a lifestyle blog? Do you really love blogging but are confused about how to start? Well, here we have got your back with our detailed guide. It’s about offering a style of living to people. You can start a lifestyle blog on Instagram or any other platform. You can share your experience from your different life stages, moments from your day-to-day life. Blogging provides an excellent platform for people to share knowledge and skills with others from which people may get inspired to change their life for a better tomorrow. 


Every lifestyle blogger writes on a particular topic to show their views, experience, skills, and knowledge to share worldwide. 

Generalized lifestyle blogs

There are many options available in generalized lifestyle blogs. It can be challenging to choose one option. Generalizing blogs doesn’t matter if you are starting a blog just for a hobby. However, if you want to turn your hobby into a profession, you can give more attention to choosing topics. Lifestyle blogs are trendy among bloggers. Creating a list of topics you are interested in will make Your work easier to find your interest. Your all focus should be on your content and what readers are expecting from you.


  • Think about things you are interested in and what people will love to read. Explore some topics people like to watch and read.
  • There are many topics to start with like finance, fashion, fitness, beauty, travel, food, parenting, health, technology, pets, gardening, outdoor lifestyle, religion, painting, life hack, DIY tutorials, Photography, videography, culture, entertainment, marketing, science, self-improvement, cooking, product review other things…


For growing your blogging career, you need to give more attention to your work. Here are some tips to try for increasing your aim

Write good titles

Titles helps readers decide whether they should read further or not.. titles are much more important to attract people’s attention to your blog. 

Promote your work

Promoting your work and posting daily will increase the chance of reaching many people in a short period. 

Include photographs

 Including photos in a blog can create interest to some readers to read till the end. 

Add social media links to blogs

Adding social media links make readers easy to spread The blog to more people.

Add videos

One of the best ways is to add your blog videos on youtube and reach people. Video can be informative and entertaining to get attention quickly. It will take time to grow on a platform like youtube, but it can be compelling enough. 

Taking care of people’s interests

By the time people’s interests change. You always need to update your ideas as per what people like to watch and read.

Keep a good name

You should give a Good and unique name for your blog channel or page so that people can find you easily.

Design blog in Aesthetic

Designing your blog in aesthetic Can attract People to your page, and with that, it will look too good.

Make a plan

Making a Plan will Improve your attention to the topic, and you will quickly know what you have to do.

Create your original content

people always attract to new and fresh content. Making your original content can increase your views and readers 


There are three ways to gain popularity and money.

Working with brands

By working with brands, you can easily sponsor your post. You can work with your favorite brand. You will learn too many things to be a good influencer or lifestyle blogger. You can work with brands in exchange for money or mentions of their brand. It can be beneficial for growing your blogging career. Some brands can reject you, but you should never lose hope and always keep trying to grow & reach your goal.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the online sales method that helps to increase Your popularity and readers. Affiliate marketing is the best way to monetize for bloggers. Getting into affiliate marketing allows you to think like a professional lifestyle blogger or marketer.

Sponsored posts

Sponsored posts or promoted posts are also a good source for reaching a maximum number of people. You can encourage your post or blog on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, medium, pocket, youtube, etc. You will have to set your budget and target to promote your post and grow your page or business. 


Lifestyle blogger can be a great option to follow your passion for writing or becoming an influencer and getting a good income source. It would help if you gave more time and effort to your work. Focusing on dreams can make them accurate anywhere; you don’t need to lose hope in failures.



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