Covid-19 Cases are Surging in Florida- UF Health Jacksonville is again overflowing with covid-19 infected patients. Many patients are in the age group of the ’20s, and 30’s and some are below ten years of age. These patients seem to be much more infected than the patients of the early days of the pandemic. 

 Florida has become the new center for the covid-19 virus. It is the third most populous state within the US. It is accounting for about one-fifth of the total cases in the whole country.

However, Florida was seen to have crossed all the covid records in the weekend. According to  NBC News, Florida recorded 21,683 new cases last Saturday. According to the Florida Hospital Association, it was the maximum since the start of the pandemic, and on Sunday, the state saw a record of 10,207 active patients in hospitals. This spike in the active cases is due to the new delta variant that had spread across Florida. It is considered to be a more transmissible variant than that of the previous one. 

Concern Over the Low Covid-19 Vaccination Rate to Senior Citizens In the Philippines 

WHO  has expressed concern over the low Covid-19 vaccination drive among senior citizens in the Philippines. WHO has called for an increase in the efforts of the local government units to accelerate the vaccination drive among senior citizens in the Philippines. 

Covid 19

The slow vaccination rate, especially among the senior citizens in the Philippines, leaves them more vulnerable to Covid-19. The older people of the Philippines are the most susceptible to the severe outcomes of covid-19. Seven out of 10 cases of covid-19 in the Philippines belong to the elderly group. 

WHO has urged the local government units to reorient their efforts and the resources to cover 100% of the older adults in the vaccination process as soon as possible. 

Wearing Mask Has Been Made Mandatory Again In San Francisco

San Francisco has made wearing masks mandatory along with the other six countries of the bay area. It is because of the surge in the covid-19 cases because of the dangerous delta variant. 

The new mandate is applicable to all regardless of the status of their vaccination. The delta variant has accounted for more than 90% of the new covid-19 cases in the region, as mentioned by the interim health minister of the Sonoma country (north of San Francisco), Sundari Mase. 

It has also been seen that most of the new hospitalized cases are the unvaccinated people of the region. But still, it has been mandated for everyone to wear masks as many vaccinated people have also tested positive for coronavirus. Wearing a mask has already been staged in Los Angeles, Yolo, and Sacramento. 


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