If someone experiences back pain while doing sit-ups, it’s widespread to have that kind of pain. If you experience pain while doing sit-ups, various other exercises can be used to strengthen the core. 

While doing sit-ups, hip flexor muscles are being used. It especially gets attached to the thigh bones and the lumbar spine. The actual six-pack muscle (Rectus abdominis) is very least affected while doing sit-ups. As hip flexors are attached with the front side of the lumbar spine, sitting may get overworked or overtightened, leading to pain in the back or discomfort. 

There may be one more reason for back pain during sit-ups. While doing sit-ups on a hard floor, it pushes the spine into a hard surface. It may lead to the creation of additional pressure on the posterior portion of the spine. It also may cause pain or discomfort in the back of the body. 

It sometimes may become very frustrating when you want to be active, but you can’t because of your back pain. In order to know more about this, it is essential to understand that a core is made up of several muscles that work together to support the body. 

Experiencing lower back pain while doing sit-ups or any other exercise means that your core muscles are very weak for doing an exercise. However, sometimes experiencing pain while doing some exercise doesn’t always mean that your core muscles are weak. It may also be because of the wrong posture or technique used while doing any exercise. 

While doing many abdominal exercises, a small wrong step while doing any exercise can lead to the generation of pain in the back. One of the common mistakes people make is hyperextension ( the hips are not tucked under, causing a particular curve in the spine). If you can make sure that your tailbone is tucked under and draw the belly button towards that of the spine, then it may be beneficial for alleviating back pain and also prevent it from becoming worse. 

One of the most helpful tips suggested by paul Gough is that it is essential to keep in mind that the lower back needs to remain glued for most of the abdominal exercise. 

When the back comes off of the floor, then the back is always in a very vulnerable state. So, it’s essential to make sure that it is being performed with the back on the floor first, and in that way, we can protect ourselves from back pain. There are plenty of ways to strengthen our core muscles which can help in providing relief from back pain if they are caused due to weak core muscles.

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