Suffering from neck pain is a common daily life issue. If you want to get neck pain relief, exercises are the most effective way. Neck exercises are a combination of stretching, strengthening, aerobic, and various other exercises.

Neck pain is primarily due to postural problems, and the same can be treated by triggering the points. The pain also occurs due to the weakening of muscles in the shoulder, back, and neck area.

Types of Neck Pain Relief Exercises

There are different types of neck exercises that have different impacts on the body. Each type of pain and stiffness needs various efforts. The types of activities are as follows:


Strengthening exercises are performed to increase the strength of the neck muscles. You can also practice them to reduce the pain and get relief from it. These exercises do not require any special equipment and can be performed daily.

Performing these exercises can repair the muscles, as well as provide strength to your muscles.


Stretching provides greater flexibility and range of motion to the muscles. It can also offer relief to the muscles of the affected area. One should do it daily for effective results, and the best part is that you can do it several times a day.

You can get relief from stiffness of the muscles, restricted range of motion, and several other problems.

Aerobic Conditioning

Aerobic exercises are also known as cardio. It increases the heart rate and intake of oxygen during the workout period. These exercises also increase the blood flow to the muscles and nerves that provides relief from the pain.

If you give 30 minutes daily to aerobic exercises, it is a natural pain killer for the body. These exercises provide a better range of motion while reducing the pain you are suffering from.

Best Exercises for Neck Pain

Neck pain relief exercises include the neck, upper back, shoulders, mid-back, and lower back muscles. The most effective exercises for the pain are as follows:

  • Bend and Rotation – In this exercise, you need to bend your neck on the right side and then rotate counterclockwise to the left side. Give a pause of 10 seconds in that position and then again rotate to the right side and hold. Repeat it 4-5 times.
  • Shoulder Rotation – Stand with straight shoulders and rotate your shoulders five times backward and five times forward. You need to repeat this set of exercises 2-3 times to get neck pain relief.
  • Chair Rotation – Sit still on a chair, keep your back straight, and rotate your upper body to the right. You can use your hand to hold the chair’s back and hold the position for five seconds and then rotate to the left similarly.
  • Child’s Pose – You need to place both your hands and feet on the ground. Stretch your legs and then slowly move your butt down, putting it over the feet. Now spread your arms over the head and slowly come down; hold this position for at least 10 seconds.
  • Knee to Chest – Lay on the ground straight on your back. Now bend your right knee, bring it up to the chest, and hold this position for a minimum of ten seconds. Then do the same with the left knee and repeat it 2-3 times.

These are a few of the muscles relaxing exercises. Apart from these, various other exercises can also provide quick relief to your muscles and body parts. But for effective results and get neck pain relief, you should perform them daily.

Benefits of Neck Exercises

There are several benefits of neck exercises that are mentioned below:

  • Release muscle tension
  • Reduces muscle stiffness
  • It increases flexibility and reduces pain
  • Enhances the strength of the muscles
  • You will get a better range of motion
  • Neck exercises also reduce headache
  • Lowers the chances of muscle damage and neck injuries

Apart from these benefits, there are several other benefits also that you can achieve by doing daily exercises for your neck.

Causes of Neck Pain

The cause for neck pain may be different according to the person and the activities performed. The causes of neck pain can be as follows:

  • Muscle strain that can be due to sitting in a hunched posture for long hours
  • Sometimes the pain can be due to worn joints that are common with the increasing age
  • Injuries that damage the tissue of the joints is also a common cause of pain
  • The disease can also cause pain in the joints of the neck and neck muscles
  • Nerve compression because of pressing on nerves in any of the joint

Final Thoughts

Neck pain is very irritating and distracting; you can get neck pain relief with the help of daily exercises. You can also consult a physical therapist to get relief from the pain. The therapist will also guide you with exercises that are effective for the pain and provide quick results. ProMotion Rehab and Sports Medicine offer certified therapists and better treatment.

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