We might not have a lavish garage gym or machinery at our home, but we can still lead a fit and healthy life. Since the covid-19 is still here, going to a gym might be risky. So, how can we stay fit and safe at the same time? This article is all about the outdoor workouts that you can do while maintaining a safe distance from others. 


Before doing any exercise, warm-up is crucial to avoid injuries. People often ignore warm-up as it has no potential benefit. But the truth is that a warm-up can activate the muscles like a morning coffee activates your mind.

You can do a 10-15 minutes jog or cycling. Stretching is an alternative for warm-up. 


With a plethora of variations, a push-up is an exquisite exercise that can target multiple muscle groups. If you’re a beginner, then start with a regressive push-up. Once you can reach 15-20 reps, you’re ready to do conventional push-ups. Some of the variations of push-ups are:

  • Close-grip push-ups for lower chest.
  • Wide grip for upper chest
  • Inclined push-up for shoulders

Rope Skipping

All you need is a skipping rope, and you’re ready for a high-intensity cardio session. It’ll not only improve your cardiovascular health but also pumps up the leg muscle. You can burn plenty of calories with a 15-minute skipping session. 

Crunches and Planks

The core or abdominal part stabilizes the body. It’s a bridge between the lower body and upper body. A weak abdominal section can result in bad posture and back pain. If you have a weak core, then crunches and planks are the exercises for you. 

The best thing about these core-strengthening exercises is that you need no equipment. For a plank, you have to go in the push-up position and hold it. For crunches, you need to lay down with your eyes looking at the sky. Now bend your knees and try to get up while your lower body stays fixed to the ground. 

You can perform 3-4 sets with 10 reps of crunches. 


Another compound exercise that activates several muscle groups is a squat. You can do a weighted squat for high intensity. It mainly targets glutes, calves, lower back, and thighs. It helps to strengthen the leg muscles. 

You can perform 6-10 reps of squats with a full range of motion. It’s believed that if you go too low while squatting, you can hurt the ankle. The truth is that you should go as low as possible for a better muscle contraction.

Create Your Workout Circuit

With the help of the exercises given above, you can prepare an outdoor workout circuit. You can switch the exercise after performing a defined number of sets. A workout circuit will help you stay fit while being on the safer side.

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