We know that customers use the internet to investigate healthcare, according to almost every resource available. Within the last year, 72 percent of US internet users and 59 percent of the general population sought health information online.

In addition, 40% of women and 30% of men claimed they used the internet to look up their symptoms and identify a problem. Pharma businesses can use Blogging to convey information more frequently than they can on their websites. 

It also enables sharing in a controlled environment, ensuring regulatory compliance as required. Informational articles are beneficial to patient populations who may already be scouring the internet for answers to specific questions.

Concerns before starting Pharma Blogging

Before a pharma franchise business begins blogging, it must research to determine its target readers and their goals and needs and then seek opportunities to fill in the blanks where there is a shortage of information. Of course, just like any other pharma website, there are FDA requirements and restrictions for material in pharma-focused blogs

Compliance with direct-to-consumer (DTC) regulations must be followed. For example, consumers must provide information to strike a fair balance between a product’s risks and advantages.

Pharma Blogging

Pharma businesses can choose to develop a branded or unbranded blog as a result of these constraints. Pharma benefits from branded blogs since they assist in raising brand awareness, increase voice in the illness state, improve search engine placement for keyword phrases, and educate their target audience about a particular product or disease condition. 

They provide a resource for information searchers and enable influencers to disseminate content where the brand may not be permitted to engage, such as online forums for a franchise business

On the other hand, Unbranded blogs can add more excellent value to a pharma business because there are fewer limits on content production. A sickness status can be shared openly, while discussions about lifestyle and uplifting stories foster community sharing. 

There is more unbranded, honest storytelling. Hence, you’re helping increase the share of voice, influence online sentiment, and generate search traffic.

Where to start Pharma Blogging?


A self-hosted WordPress account is recommended because of its widespread adoption. You can advocate WordPress to firms that aren’t interested in web hosting. It is of the high quality of the platform, frequent security updates—also, a large developer community.

Although many people are familiar with WordPress, other platforms, such as BlogEngine, allow us to personalize the experience if necessary entirely. Also, it offers a great deal of flexibility. BlogEngine is open source, which means that the source code may be downloaded and modified, and any franchise business can use the license. 

Furthermore, the complete.net source code is available. There are a few critical features of BlogEngine that enable adding new features or changing existing ones easier. Beyond just a blogging platform, Kentico and SiteFinity offer a lot of other features.


Having a pharma blog offers readers confidence in you, your organization, and your pharma business as a subject matter expert. Pharma Blogging allows you to build a closer relationship. It happens with your readers and encourages them to return for more relevant information. 

Blogging updates your franchise business website with new, fresh information regularly. Also, it gives you something to share with your social networks. It increases the number of inbound links to your website, enhancing your credibility and search engine results. 


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