It is increasingly becoming a common understanding these days. The myths related to being fit are bursting rapidly. But still, there are a lot of people who might have doubts. The reason is that there is not much clarity to the definition of fitness. It is one reason why going to the gym became synonymous with fitness in people’s minds in the first place.

What does going to the gym mean?

Fitness doesn’t mean going to the gym. But going to the gym certainly helps you become fit. The gym is a place to work out and give your body much-needed physical activity. It enables you to use your muscles in a way that you don’t get to in your daily routine. It helps your organs and muscles to gain flexibility and strength.

Now going to the gym serves different purposes for different people. Some people go there to gain flexibility, lose weight or maintain it. However, some people hit the gym prominently to build their muscles bigger and stronger. Both these purposes help the person get into shape and help them become fitter.

But in no way is going to the gym enough.

Why are gym memberships not enough?

In our busy lives, we barely pay attention to our body and how it feels. We hurt ourselves tremendously by doing so. In such a case, gym memberships bring a ray of hope. They assure you.

Moreover, if you have an unhealthy life outside of the gym, it will hurt you. That is – if you eat unhealthy food if you drink or smoke. It will affect your body’s energy and metabolism. 

It will leave your gym memberships useless and ineffective. Also, not cause a problem either. It is just that they are not the whole solution. You need to do more than go to the gym.


the gym

Coming back to our initial point. ‘Fitness is a lifestyle.’ It is a sentence with a deep and practical meaning. It means that you take care of your body if possible. You treat your body like a temple. Not in the sense that you worship it. But in a sense that you pay attention to it. Understand its problems and demands. You clean it of harmful elements, and you keep the impurities away.

A lifestyle of fitness doesn’t necessarily consist of any one particular thing. It simply means that most if not all of your activities and actions are done with wellness in mind. You sleep well and eat healthily; also don’t smoke and drink; exercise too. Everything you do and consume affects your life. So, the whole of those things that your whole lifestyle needs to be healthy to achieve fitness.

How to achieve that?

Well, imagining a fitness-based lifestyle is easy. But living it is not. It includes a lot of changes and decisions. You also need to decide how you are going to start and what your limits will be. One great practice that helps a lot of people these days is- active living chiropractic.

 Active living chiropractic has become a well-known phenomenon in the western world. Even in India, actors/influencers highly motivate others to join this practice and feel the freeing life on the other side.


So, if you are thinking of getting fitter – remember, going to the gym doesn’t mean fitness, and fitness doesn’t mean going to the gym. You can certainly use it to reach there, but adapting to an active lifestyle might help you better.


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