From brushing your teeth or reaching towards the jar of jam in the morning to scrolling through your social media feed before sleeping, we utilize our elbows, wrists, and hands in almost every activity we carry out. Therefore, if you are experiencing pain or loss of mobility in these regions, it can dramatically impact your quality of life. 

Elbow, wrist, and hand pain can be caused due to multiple reasons, including but not limited to injuries, chronic conditions, repetitive movements, and excessive wear and tear. Regardless of the reason behind your pain, an experienced physical therapist can help you alleviate the pain and restore optimal function of the upper extremities. 

Let us look at how physical therapy treatments can facilitate lasting relief from elbow, wrist, and hand pain.  

What Are The Common Causes Of Pain In The Upper Extremities? 

There are several factors that can lead to painful joints and muscles in the upper extremity. 

A physiotherapist will help you determine the cause and then proceed towards recovery with an individualized treatment plan. Here are some of the most common conditions that result in elbow, wrist, and hand pain. 

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome- 

According to studies, CTS impacts nearly 5% percent of Americans. The carpal tunnel is responsible for protecting the median nerve and the tendons that allow the bending of your fingers. When this tunnel is damaged due to trauma or repetitive wear and tear, it triggers pain in the entire arm. 

  •  Arthritis 

Arthritis is one of the most commonly found forms of disability that can cause pain and various joints. Hand, elbow, and wrist arthritis is an outcome of repetitive motion or an injury that leads to trauma on these joints. 

  • Bursitis

Also known as student’s elbow or tennis elbow, bursitis is another condition that commonly leads to hand pain. Bursa is located at the end of the elbow and protects the elbow bone. When the bursa is compressed due to wear and tear or injury, it causes friction in the elbow bone, leading to pain and swelling. 

How Physical Therapy Helps To Alleviate Elbow, Wrist, And Hand Pain

Suppose you are experiencing elbow, hand, and wrist pain due to any of the reasons mentioned above or any other reasons. In that case, a physical therapist can aid you in finding lasting relief. They will evaluate your condition thoroughly and curate a treatment plan to alleviate pain, restore range of motion and help you get back to a pain-free life. 

Physical therapy is a non-invasive treatment that relieves pain and discomfort and allows individuals to recover from pain without relying on medicines or surgery. Your treatment course may include a wide variety of treatments like manual therapy, muscle manipulation, heat and ice treatment, stretching, and strengthening exercises. 

Don’t let recurring pain and loss of mobility restrict your physical capabilities and negatively impact your quality of life. Receive holistic treatment in your nearby physical therapy clinic and wave goodbye to elbow, wrist, and hand pain forever!


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