Biologists have already warned to relax COVID-19 restrictions when a large number of a person remain unvaccinated in these inherent risks. It is important to get the vaccine to overcome the risk factors ahead as we know that the third wave is expected in India in October and it is going to be more dangerous. 

Still, some people are not vaccinated yet. Mainly vaccines are highly recommended to take as they will help you to fight against the coronavirus. Vaccines contain anti- properties which help to fight against the infection and also allow people to avoid the spread of the virus. 

Many biologists argue that it will promote the evolution of new strains which are called Delta Variant and there are going to be more Transmissible vans more likely to evade the protection from the current vaccines. 

By the removal of restrictions when the children and other valuable groups are unvaccinated many give rise to more infection and possibly we are creating more dangerous variants inadvertently. If we see practically, then we are creating ideal conditions for the new coronavirus variant to spread. 

Here are the benefits which are added for the Vaccinating children:

It is highly recommended to measure wearing of the face mask as compulsory and it remains in place until the majority of the adult population is vaccinated.

As the biologist at the University of East Anglia in the United Kingdom has warned that ‘There is no hidden fact that we are in an evolutionary arms race with the new variant of coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and it is the virus that causes COVID-19’. 

The new variant of coronavirus may be more dangerous than the other variant for children and certain vulnerable groups like transplant patients who have low immunity. They argue that they may also escape the protection afforded by the existing vaccines. 

There are several countries where vaccination has reduced the number of deaths and hospitalizations. There are high cases and many infections found in unvaccinated people who provide the mixing vessel in which new variants can quickly emerge. 

Final Verdict

Children with an extreme clinical vulnerability, like patients on immunosuppressants and those who choose to avoid the vaccines, are at higher risk of infection. It is recommended to take measures like wearing masks in the indoor public until the place is left with all vaccinated people to control the disease. 


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