As we know that our country is expecting a third wave in India soon. As the continued spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus has spawned a Greek alphabet of the variant and, the World Health Organization used its name to track the concerning new mutation of the virus that mainly causes COVID-19. As we all have seen, the dangerous impact of the first wave and second of the coronavirus. As per the scientists, they remain focused on  Delta, and now the dominant coronavirus Variant is rising rapidly worldwide. 

Delta variant:

The World Health Organization has classified the Delta variant as of significant concern, which also means that it has been shown capable of increasing transmissibility which also causes more severe disease. It was also found that the Delta variant is more dangerous, and it carries 1260 times more viruses in their noses than the original variant of the coronavirus. 

There is no hidden fact that Delta can cause symptoms two to three days faster and does not allow the immune system to respond and mount any defense. Delta also appears to be mutating further. Most people think that the Delta variant is the end. 

But that is not the actual case because there are more new variants in the process due to mutation. According to the research, it was found that the Delta variant appears to be mutating further and also carries an additional mutation that has been shown to evade the protection of the immune system. 

Is Lambda in the wave? 

The new mutation of the Delta variant is the Lambda variant. This is the latest version of coronavirus and was defeated in Peru in December. 

According to the World Health Organization, Lambda can lead to a significant negative impact on people’s health. It has the potential to spread several dangerous infections. This variant is suspected of causing a change in the transmissibility or causing severe disease, but the research is still under investigation. 

According to several lab studies, it is shown that it has mutations that resist the vaccine-induced antibodies. 



Final Verdict

As we all know that the Delta variant was first detected in India, which remains the most problematic. The Delta variant of coronavirus is affecting and striking the unvaccinated people in several countries; it has also proven capable of infecting a higher proportion of the vaccinated people than its predecessors. 

Now Lambda variant is also expected to come. It is going to be a challenging time for people. Make sure to increase your immune system and get vaccinated to avoid the risk factors ahead. 


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