The idea of socially distanced workouts can be quickly done in part without Andy’s equipment, and it is considered the ideal solution for those warmer springtime days. You can also invite your friends to join you with the concept of a social distance workout circuit. Asking your friends will add some more encouragement and support. 

Before going further, it is essential to get started with a warm-up exercise for at least three to five minutes. You can perform your favorite cardio movement, or you can walk or not outside. 


The best exercise to stay fit with safety

If you don’t have any access to perform your favorite exercise or stretches, then you can directly prefer to do jogging for about one minute and make sure to complete two sets of the following exercise:

  • You can do ten bodyweight squats.  Squats are very effective, and they will provide numerous health benefits as well. It is essential to do bodyweight exercise for better results. 
  • You can do prefer to do perform downward-facing dogs, which includes the process of hinging forward from the hips toward the ground while keeping your back in the neutral position for about 3 to 5 times
  • Make sure to perform 3 to 5 times dirty dogs on each side. This is the most effective way to stretch your entire body, and this exercise will help burn calories as well. 

The circuit:

This is the exercise where you will perform each movement for about repetition or distance in just 30 seconds. When you complete your 30 seconds, make sure to rest for about 10 to 15 seconds to transition to the next movement. Ensure to repeat the process until you have completed all the activities. 

Plyo Power:

This workout can be easily tacked on to the circuit and warm up properly before performing this exercise. It includes advanced movement that may utilize more full-body power. You need to complete each move for about 15 seconds and repeat the process after resting for a few seconds. 

Final Verdict

Most people have limited access to the gyms and no other options for a workout with a partner unless you are training with someone in your household. However, we all know that the outdoors has been a safer option for exercise given the natural flow of air and its poor health.


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