The coronavirus pandemic has consumed the better part of our lives through mandatory nationwide lockdown measures, lack of medical facilities, and our struggle to develop an effective vaccine.

What Is The Latest COVID-19 Medication Update?

  • Remdesivir is the only medication that the FDA has approved for the treatment of coronavirus disease 2019. The approval of this medication was based on the findings tested on hospitalized patients who showed remarkable recovery.
  • Ongoing clinical trials are exploring potential therapies such as monoclonal antibodies to mitigate COVID-19 health effects.
  • Other research entails testing old medications (usually used to treat other conditions) and their effects on managing COVID-19 symptoms.

Emergency Use Authorizations

FDA has the discretion to authorize the emergency use of certain medications during a public health emergency such as the coronavirus pandemic. 

EUA doesn’t indicate that the medication is FDA approved; instead, it aims to make potential treatments accessible for the general public when no other alternative is available.

Let us look at the latest coronavirus treatment updates for the following medications that the FDA has granted EUAs:


  • Remdesivir (Veklury) is infused into the patient’s body intravenously. It is an antiviral medication that has emerged as the only FDA-approved treatment for adults older than 12.
    • Ongoing studies report that Remdesivir, when used in combination with baricitinib, has been shown to expedite recovery in patients by 30%.
  • According to the NIH, garcinia is to be given to a patient in conjunction with Remdesivir only when the option of corticosteroids has been exhausted (such as dexamethasone).


  • Dexamethasone is a corticosteroid medication that has been used to treat various health conditions ranging from autoimmune illnesses to allergic reactions.
  • The study where a daily dose of dexamethasone was given to COVID patients either by mouth or via an IV injection reported 23-26% lowered mortality rates.
  • The corticosteroid medication seemed to alleviate COVID symptoms in patients on ventilators or in need of extra oxygen.

Convalescent Plasma

  • Convalescent plasma received an Emergency Investigational New Drug Approval by the FDA as an experimental treatment to relieve people suffering from COVID-19.
  • Unlike normal plasma, which is the part of our blood that carries blood cells, convalescent plasma is collected from people who have recovered from the coronavirus and have already developed antibodies to fight the infection.
  • When the plasma of a recovered COVID-19 patient is transfused with someone with an active coronavirus infection, it is believed that antibodies found in the convalescent plasma can help fight off the disease in the current patient.
  • Convalescent plasma has been granted EUA, but the treatment needs more research and data to back up its efficacy.

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